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If you are looking for a dedicated Videographer and Editor who has the right camera rig and set-up for any of your needs, you've come to the right place! Prior to moving to L.A. from Minneapolis in 1997 I have built quite an extensive resume from the time I started studying Recording Engineering and Production at Music Tech (Mpls). From Pre-Production to Post my many experiences have allowed me to branch out and work on a variety of projects including Freelancing for Hollywood commercials and music videos to becoming a hired gun as Cameraman/Editor on various Webisodes and Music videos. Go to for examples or check out my 2011 demo reel here:  I have spent the last 7 years at FOX Networks as a Media Operator and Master Control Operator for a variety of high end cable services. This has allowed me to work with all the recent changes in how media is now distributed to the cable client using technology like FTP and DG Spot Box and also be an integral part of the transition from SD to HD and all that is involved.


If you are looking for a Freelance Tape Op/Media Specialist, I am available for part-time work and fill in bookings for all your needs including Encoding, Transcoding and file prep for offlline/online bays for editing or final output like prepping Deliverables for the client. I have worked with the Red series cameras (R3D files) and other high-end HD formats. If you need to make your camera format work with your editing system I have the tools to help.


I am comfortable editing on various platforms, both Mac & PC with Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere, Sony Vegas and Avid Pinnacle. I have a desktop set-up and a laptop configured for editing on the go as well. Experienced in shooting high-def with multiple camera set-ups. I own (1) Canon T3i w/multiple lenses, (1) Canon HV-40 with accessories, (1) Canon HFS30 with extras and (1) Panasonic DVX-100a SD camera. I own audio equipment for both live and field production purposes so I can shoot your project, edit, add sound design and see your project through completion. 


Other services include:

 - VHS to DVD conversions, both straight rips to DVD with Default Menus, or custom Menus with Chapter marks and Professional touches.

 - Sound Design - If you need to add extra FX to your commercial or video, I have the tools and FX libraries to add just the right touch to enhance your project.

 - Photograph scans/backups - I have the tools to scan your old family photos or even recent ones. I can back them up to your hard drive or output to the media you choose.


E-Mail direct or call 310-941-6393 for project prices.


Stay tuned for more updates and information regarding new videos and future projects!


Check out my friends Paul and Justin (and myself shortly after) skydving! If you wanna know more about the Justin Appel story called "PURE: The Justin Appel Story",  check out this teaser for the documentary we are working on!